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Travel insurance is purchased to provide protection when things go wrong when on holiday.

Individuals travelling within this country or overseas on holiday or business face various risks, some commencing even before the journey starts. For example, as soon as the deposit and/or the balance of the cost of travel has been paid, certain risks arise such as the need to cancel the arrangements due to illness or death. Once you are underway or enjoying your trip, there are innumerable things that can go wrong, many of which can be insured against, including medical problems, cancellations or delays, lost baggage and much more.

The majority of travel insurance was originally sold to holidaymakers by their tour operator. This arrangement took the form of a master policy with one insurance company and cover was provided automatically unless the client specifically requested otherwise. The insurance offered by travel agents is unlikely to be the best deal available, as they very often only offer policies from one insurer.

Competition among insurance providers and increasingly sophisticated travel itineraries have led to various innovations in cover, as well as lower prices, so shopping around is usually the best way of finding the right policy for you.

Our travel insurance tool allows you to compare over 1000 policies and apply online. Travel insurance quotes are available for single trips or annual multi trip policies, skiing trips, backpacking, dangerous sports, couple, family or single person as well as disabled, elderly persons insurance and insurance for those people with health problems and pre-existing medical conditions.

The finder only takes a couple of minutes to use- you input your details- what type of trip you're going on, where you're going to and the dates you're going. You will then be given a table of results, sorted by the lowest premium. You can then select the best deal for you and apply online. The application form only takes 2 minutes to complete, after which you will receive an email confirmation of cover within 24 hours.